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Episode List

Under the title She Wolf Of London

01x01 She Wolf Of London
01x02 Bogman Of Lethchmoor Heath
01x03 Moonlight Becomes You
01x04 The Juggler
01x05 Nice Girls Don't
01x06 Little Bookshop Of Horrors
01x07 The Wild Hunt
01x08 What's Got Into Them
01x09 Can't Keep a Dead Man Down (Part 1)
01x10 Can't Keep a Dead Man Down (Part 2)
01x11 Big Top Of She Wolf
01x12 She Devil
01x13 Voodoo Child
01x14 Beyond The Beyond

Under the title Love and Curses

01x15 Curiosity Killed the Kravitz
01x16 Habeas Corpus
01x17 Bride Of The Wolfman
01x18 Heart Attack
01x19 Mystic Pizza
01x20 Eclipse

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