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Welcome to the Big Top of She Wolf, the fanlisting for She Wolf Of London/Love and Curses, a short lived werewolf themed TV series. This fanlisting is approved by

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About She Wolf of London

She Wolf of London was a TV series about an American student (Randi Wallace) who travels to England to study mythology and gets bitten by a werewolf after a night camping on the moors. She is then determined to find a cure so enlists the help of her professor (Ian Matheson)

This series started of with British and American backers, after 14 episodes the British backers pulled out which forced the show and the premises to move to LA for the final 6 episodes. As the show was no longer set in London a new name of Love and Curse was given to the series. Ian became an talk show host on mythology and Randi became his assistant. The show was unfortunately not renewed for a second season

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Big Top She Wolf was one of the episode names - seemed like a good place to start